Sarp Erdag

Hello, I'm Sarp Erdag

I am an independent software developer and designer from Istanbul and the co-founder of Apperto, a boutique mobile app development shop. I hold a M.Sc. in Software Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Currently, I'm focusing on developing Typorama - Typography Generator and Videorama - Movie Producer apps for the iPhone & iPad.

These apps got more than 6 million downloads worldwide, featured by Apple on the App Store various times and reviewed on several different blogs and magazines including TechCrunch, Time Magazine, The Guardian, Entrepreneur, AppAdvice, BeautifulPixels, CNET and Webrazzi.

I also occassionaly write my stories on Medium.
- The best video editing tool to make use of Instagram’s new 60 second videos update
- How to thrive as a digital talent wherever in the world you are

... give talks in events,
- SwiftFest 2018 - Boston, United States
- iOS Dev UK 2017 - Aberystwyth, United Kingdom
- CodeMobile 2017 - Chester, United Kingdom
- MobileDays'17 - Ankara, Turkey
- Mobos 2016 - Cluj, Romania
- Webrazzi Mobil 2016 - "Trends in Mobile Technologies" - Istanbul, Turkey
- MobileDays'15 Conference - Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey

... and get interviewed in podcasts,
- Episode 413 of The App Guy Podcast
- Episode #40 of Ray Wood's Top Agents Playbook Podcast

Aside from all the technical stuff above, I'm a family man, father to our lovely, 2 year old daughter 🍼.

You can learn more about me on Twitter, check out some of my code on GitHub or take a look at my latest talks on SpeakerDeck.

You can e-mail me directly at sarp at

Page last updated on April 14, 2018.